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Neckpiece - pinecone, brass and copper wire,
linen thread
Brooch - bubble wrap, felt, acrylic paint
Brooch - bone, agate, sterling, dyed resin
Artist Statement / Karen J Lauseng
Artist Statement

ature is my primary source of inspiration.  Whether I’m driving through the
mountains, strolling through a park, or walking in the forest, the natural world
presents so many creative combinations of textures, patterns, colors, shapes
and symbols.  Spiritual readings, meditation, travel and daily life all provide
opportunities for introspection, a spark, if you will,  that leads to my next

Making art has always been my passion, it just took some time for me to figure
it out. As a child I was always creating things, but had little exposure to art or
artists.  While completing my final semester of college, I needed only two
courses to fulfill the requirements for a degree in Economics. Needing four
courses to be considered a full time student, I took two art courses for fun. I
was HOOKED and went on to earn BFA and MFA degrees in Metalsmithing and
Jewelry from Kansas State University. Over the years I have studied studio art
with over fifteen distinguished artists including Elliott Pujol, Heikki Seppa,
Chuck Evans, Helen Shirk, Thomas Mann, Marjorie Schick, Kate Wagle,
Christine Clark, Jim Cotter and Nelda Getty.

My current work focuses on the beauty found in common household items.
Materials such as paper clips, bobby pins, toothpicks, cotton swabs, soda
straws, cookie cutters, and sewing snaps, have been used to fashion jewelry
that is functional and stunning to wear. It is such fun to use ordinary, everyday
materials to create unique works of art.

Design to me is an adventure. I find the beauty of the craft in its individuality.
When designing a piece, I begin with an idea and allow the materials to dictate
the end result. Each piece evolves during the working process and records my
personal experiences.