My Favorite Magazines / Karen J Lauseng
©2005  kjartworks   All Rights Reserved

Art Jewelry Magazine:  This publication covers the
techniques involved in designing procedures and never
fails to introduce something new.  There are lots of
interesting jewelry photos throughout.  This magazine is
helpful for all skill levels.  

Jewelry Arts and Lapidary Journal:  Includes tips and
in-depth explanations on using materials and applying
techniques, guidance on how to sell jewelry, new products
and an event calendar.  Emphasis in the magazine is on
jewelry artistry.

New Mexico Magazine:  This magazine is particularly
good if you are at all interested in what is going on in New
Mexico or if you are planning to travel to New Mexico.  The
publication covers all sorts of information on out-of-the way
tourist places, current museum and gallery shows, neat
places to eat, and it also provides insight on the state's
economic condition.

Step by Step Wire Jewelry:  Step by step techniques
are outlined for a variety of wire jewelry projects.  Many
helpful tips are included.

Metalsmith: Covers the most current trends in metals and
metal artists.  The content seems to focus on a few artists;
with some being featured as often as once a year.  It is good
to know who is most notable in the metals field.

American Craft Magazine:  Covers the most current
trends in craft art.  I mostly like this magazine for the pictures
as there are some interesting works of art displayed here.
Neckpiece:  puzzle pieces, brass jump rings
Neckpiece:  reflectors, silver beads
Neckpiece:  tile spacers, pearl beads